Natural disasters are part of our lives and provided that British Columbia is next to Cascadia subduction zone which brings high risks of earthquake, tsunami and flooding.

TUSAR is a team of volunteers and members committed to assist search and rescue operations as requested by local law enforcement authorities. TUSAR is a well-trained and equipped team who are prepared to respond rapidly, effectively, and safely without cost to the community. Our commitment is to serve effectively, while conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards, maintaining the confidence of the public and our fellow first responders.

TUSAR members shall be interested in furthering the objects of the Association or are involved in search and rescue operations, emergency response, disaster response, or emergency preparedness education activities or those supporting those operations or activities. To provide free search and rescue service by teams of volunteers and preventive education about the disasters and accidents to the public, and developing trustable and fruitful relations with other NGOs for community safety.

TUSAR is committing to service-above-self, perpetual training, and inter-agency cooperation to maintain a constant state of readiness for search, rescue, incident response and above all else, safety.

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